Most Recent

Andrew Rae (2015) Open questions and closed minds: Mapping the gaps and divisions in the safety body of knowledge, Australian Safety Critical Systems Conference, Brisbane Open Questions

Teaching Safety

Andrew Rae (2015) Tales of disaster: the role of accident storytelling in safety teaching, Cognition Technology and Work Tales of Disaster 2015
(The final publication is available at

I Habli, T Kelly, K Macnish, C Megone, M Nicholson, A Rae (2015) The Ethics of Acceptable Safety, System Safety Symposium Ethics of Acceptable Safety

Skepticism and Empiricism in Safety

AJ Rae, M Nicholson, RD Alexander (2010) The state of practice in system safety research evaluation, 5th IET International Conference on system safety 2010 – The State of Practice

RD Alexander, AJ Rae, M Nicholson (2010) Matching research goals and methods in system safety engineering, 5th IET International Conference on system safety

J McDermid, A Rae (2012) Goal-based safety standards: Promises and pitfalls
Achieving Systems Safety, 257-270

JA McDermid, AJ Rae (2014) How did systems get so safe without adequate analysis methods?, System Safety and Cyber Security Why so safe?

Formalism of Requirements for Safety-Critical Software: Where Does the Benefit Come From?
I Habli, A Rae

Skepticism and Empiricism in Risk Assessment

A Rae, D Jackson, P Ramanan, J Flanz, D Leyman (2003) Critical feature analysis of a radiotherapy machine, Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security, 221-234 2002 – Critical Feature Analysis

AJ Rae (2007) Acceptable Residual Risk-Principles, Philosophies and Practicalities, 2nd Institution of Engineering and Technology Conference on System Safety 2007 – Acceptable Residual Risk

A Rae, J McDermid, R Alexander (2012) The science and superstition of quantitative risk assessment, Journal of Systems Safety 48 (4), 28 2012 – PSAM11 Science and Superstition of risk

A Rae, R Alexander, J McDermid (2014) Fixing the cracks in the crystal ball: A maturity model for quantitative risk assessment, Reliability Engineering & System Safety 125, 67-81 Rae et al. – 2014 – Fixing the cracks in the crystal ball

A Rae, R Hawkins (2012) Risk assessment in the wild, Proceedings of the Australian System Safety Conference-Volume 145, 83-89 2012 – ASSCa – Risk Assessment in the Wild

Other Safety Papers

A Rae (2007) Helping the operator in the loop: practical human machine interface principles for safe computer controlled systems, Proceedings of the twelfth Australian workshop on Safety critical systems 2007 – Helping the Operator

AJ Rae, M Nicholson (2009) Making robust ALARP decisions for in-service systems, 4th International Conference on System Safety 2009 – Making Robust ALARP Decisions

Information Security

A Rae, L Wildman (2003) A taxonomy of attacks on secure devices, Proceedings of the Australia Information Warfare and Security Conference 2003 – Taxonomy of Attacks

A Rae, C Fidge (2005) Information flow analysis for fail-secure devices, The Computer Journal 48 (1), 17-26 2005 – Information Flow Analysis

A Rae, CJ Fidge (2005) Identifying critical components during information security evaluations
Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology 37 (4), 391-402 2005 – Identifying Critical Components

A Rae, C Fidge, L Wildman (2006) Fault evaluation for security-critical communication devices
Computer 39 (5), 61-68 2006 – Fault Evaluation


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